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God has a sense of humor

So. Apparently being an aunt to 10 amazing nieces and nephews didn’t qualify as enough research for writing an Apocalypse Survival Guide for Kids.

13 months ago, I began an incredible, life-changing journey. It kicked off with 3 pregnancy tests confirming I did not in fact have the flu!

4 months after the birth, (aka, the Red Push, which was an *event*) I’m beginning to think God meant “Survival Guide *to* Kids.” (For days that feel like the end of the world… and the beginning of a new one.)

Parenting internship: Year 1

What a beautiful, breathtaking, blessed journey. I would not trade it for the world. And we are just getting started!

Setting expectations (low)

I can’t promise regular updates. I have a small child and a job. Also, I treasure sleep. 🙂

I can’t promise perfection. I do promise honesty. I do promise real, (read “messy”). And hopefully a few laughs along the way.

I promise God is good. I know He brings joy to 5am triple mudslides that take out 3 diapers, onesie, and changing table cover. I know He brings peace when I run out. (This does not take long).

My typical prayers look something like this: “God it’s me. Yep, it’s been 3 minutes. I need help again.”

Learning from smarter people

Also, I have the incredible good fortune to know many people wiser than myself. (They are not hard to find.)

I hope to use this as a forum to pass their experience, humor, and encouragement on to you. I desperately need it myself :).

You are amazing

Also, much love. To all you amazing moms, dads, aunts uncles, grandparents, teachers, neighbors, volunteers, friends…

Anyone who steps into the life of a child and offers a helping hand. May God richly bless you.

And may God multiply your sleep tonight!

Grace and peace,

– Jess

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