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How do blind people see?

I would love to meet this amazing blind kid!

After losing his eyes to cancer, Ben Underwood learned to use echolocation to find his way in the dark.

What is echolocation?

Blind boy riding his bike down the sidewalkEcholocation means using sound to map out your surroundings.

Ben “sees” by making clicking sounds with his mouth. Those clicks bounce off the street, the walls, and the people nearby. The echoes from these clicks bounce back to Ben’s ear.

His brain interprets the sound waves, telling him how far away he is from the street, the wall, and the people.

How does that work?

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Humans: How Did Your Face Take Shape?

All of us managed to survive birth.


No life is an ordinary story.

Everyone smells, feels, hears, tastes, and sees the world in different ways.

So how did your face take shape?

Take a look! This is how human faces develop:

Is it just me, or do baby humans look like little aliens?

"Sweet, I grew a nose!"

“Sweet, I grew a nose! This will come in handy.”

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Kids Doodle 4 Google: Last day to vote

Kids around the US have poured their creativity into creating Google doodles. We’re talking serious talent here!

Like “Dino Days” from Allison S, Lamar School, MS
Nature Google Doodle
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How to Get Around Gossip

G is for Gossip

It may be the truth. It may be a vicious lie. Either way, gossip intends to hurt someone. And sooner or later, word will get around to you.

You may be the target of gossip. Or the rumors may be spreading about someone you’ve never met. What will you say?
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